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Fully balanced meals with reduced carbohydrates and sugars with increased proteins and healthy fats. This one is suitable for everyone regardless of lifestyle.  It's also very effective if you're looking to loose weight.

  • You get different meals each day

  • Full Plan = 4 meals but you can pick less for example 2 or 3 (you will see total calories in summary) 

  • we cook and deliver your meals same day to use for the following day to keep it fresh and tasty 

  • no boredom! - menu changes every week and each day is different

  • free delivery 6 times per week (meals for Saturday and Sunday are delivered on Friday evening)

Daily calorie intake available(full plan):
1200 kcal, 1600 kcal, 2000 kcal, 2400 kcal

each plan calories & macros breakdown:  

  •  1200 kcal (protein 105g, carbohydrates 75g, fat 53g)

per meal: 300 kcal, protein 26g, carbohydrtaes 19g, fat 13g

  •  1600 kcal (protein 140g, carbohydrates 100g, fat 71g):

per meal: 400 kcal, protein 35g, carbohydrates 25g, fat 18g 

  • 2000 kcal (protein 175g, carbohydrates 125g, fat 89g):

per meal: 500 kcal, protein 44g, carbohydrates 31g, fat 22g

  • 2400 kcal (protein 210g, carbohydrates 150g, fat 107g):

per meal: 600 kcal, protein 53g, carbohydrates 38g, fat 27g

You can also order just 2 or 4 meals a day from each option available.
PLEASE NOTE: Full Plan = 4 meals (if you choose less meals you will see total calories in summary) 

Full day of LOW CARB meal plan:

  • 1200 kcal (4 meals) - £16.5

  • 1600 kcal (4 meals) - £17.5

  • 2000 kcal (4 meals) - £18.5

  • 2400 kcal (4 meals) £19.5

10 days - 5% OFF

20days - 10% OFF